The Benefits Of Using Menstrual Cup Australia article image by Organic Food Express

Women are limited in their choice of menstrual period products. This is an inconvenient truth that women still face to this day. The good news is that despite the politics and the health dangers surrounding traditional period products, there are still people who strive to empower women in by creating revolutionary products that uplift, empower, and strengthen a woman’s spirit!  

Enter the Menstrual period cup!  

What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cup Australia is a period product that can be used in place of traditional sanitary pads and tampons. The best menstrual cup products were created a few years ago, and are made from safe, eco-friendly materials.

According to menstrual cup reviews, less than 10% of the female world population use menstrual cups during their period. There are many wellness benefits that can be derived once you ditch pads and tampons and replacing them with menstrual cups! Educating women about the benefits of using a menstrual period cup.

  • Maintain Optimal Health

The use of tampons puts you at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrom or TSS. Even some sanitary pads are associated with TSS. Traditional period products contain chemicals and toxins that can be absorbed along the vaginal walls which can then result in infection or worse, TSS.

The best menstrual cups are made from non-toxic silicone that does not cause any irritation inside the vagina. In addition, menstrual cups are very useful in measuring blood flow on a monthly basis. Since period blood collects inside the cup, you can assess for any changes in your period.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Menstrual cups are reusable and environmentally friendly. Based on menstrual cup reviews, a quality menstrual cup can last for ten years or more. This means less carbon footprint and less pollution, too!

If you’re thinking of where to buy menstrual cup, there are couple of online stores selling it at best prices! Check them out today!