Here’s what some of our customers are saying…

It is my pleasure to recommend the organic Food Express – They always give good service and their fruit and vegetables are always of good quality. I have never had any problems with their deliveries.

St Marys


Since changing to the Organic Food Express, we have been delighted with the quality and freshness of the fruit and vegetables. They care about what they pack and give you very good service.

N & R Potter


We have obtained our organic produce from Bountiful Harvest Organics for nearly 10 years and have seen several changes along the way. The product range has vastly increased and now offers a huge choice of quality organic goods. We enjoy a wonderful rapport with the staff and are always assured that we are totally looked after with their exceptionally friendly, reliable and efficient service. We recommend our organic store to everyone.

Diane Norris,


We have been purchasing our organic produce from the Organic Food Express for 12 months, everything is of good quality, the service is great and we can recommend them with confidence.

The Wakefield Family,
Eastwood. NSW


Having been an Internet shopper for nearly a year, I am very impressed with the Organic Food Express being on-line. I have proved the service and level of commitment behind the web site. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

When I looked into “going organic’ l expected I would just be buying organic fruit and veggies. How surprised was I to find a very extensive range of organic grocery lines and organic meat available! It certainly made me take stock of all the chemicals and hormones that are in non-organic foods, not to mention genetic modification, that we were hardly aware of, and have overloaded our bodies with for such a long time.

Sine we’ve started eating organic food, my family and I have felt much better. We will continue to eat “clean” organic food – the cost of our health and well being outweighing the cost of organic food,

We will continue to support the Organic Food Express.

Julie, Bryan Christopher and Brendan,
Quakers Hill.


I particularly like dealing with the organic Food Express because they are certified retailers with ORGAA. This takes any possible chance away that the product might be conventional or substituted with non-organic produce. I find them very reliable and a pleasure to do business with.

Patrick and Yvonne,


Dear “Bountiful Organics Harvesters”,
For more than a year 1 have enjoyed a variety of chemical free bio-dynamic & organic produce you have delivered to my door. Whether fruits & vegies, dairy products, meat or grains, the freshness and taste has been consistently excellent. 1 could rely on prompt delivery week after week. With your service you are greatly helping me to live a healthy lifestyle. A big thank you to each of you for making it work!

Western Sydney